Marc Yeats


Marc Yeats is one of Britain’s acclaimed contemporary classical composer and visual artist, specialising in abstract landscape painting. He is also founder and artistic director of the contemporary music ensemble, illegal harmony.


visual art – biography

Marc Yeats began painting at the age of fourteen. His initial painting technique was photo-realistic. Having lived in London and with little experience of the countryside, Marc created imaginary rural idylls based on old images from books and magazines – he had a strong love for the countryside and this love greatly informed the nature of the work he produced. It was evident in these early works that Marc possessed a rare skill for painting realistically – by the age of fifteen, Marc was selling work professionally and sold through many galleries in the South West of England, where he lived at the time.



Between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four, Marc’s need for new subject material led him to want to paint real places rather than the imaginary rural composition he had formerly created. Marc traveled around the South West of England and East Anglia collecting subjects for a new series of paintings and drawings. Most of this work was sold at the time and is now in private collections. During this period Marc refined his photo-realistic techniques until he reached a point from which he felt he could no longer develop – although the subject matter of his paintings differed from each other, he felt that ultimately, he was repeating himself.

In 1987, Marc moved to the Isle of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. This move was undertaken to allow him to concentrate fully on painting and composition. The move to Skye enabled Marc to make significant breakthroughs in his painting technique and gradually move away from representational painting into the world of abstraction. This change occurred through a series of apocalyptic transitional paintings where the reality of his subject material, still landscape, began to disintegrate. The paintings were quite disturbing as the distortions of form and colour began to suggest wider emotional and psychological possibilities than the original subject matter possessed – Marc’s journey into abstraction had begun.

From the late 1980s through to the present day, Marc has developed and explored his techniques of abstraction. Whilst his work is still based on landscape and the structures and atmospheres to be experienced within it, his paintings have become increasingly less reliant on familiar colour, textural and structural configurations.


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