Matteo Gonet

Glass Design at its best

Matteo Gonet, one of the most talented glass designer of Switzerland, has studied glass since the age of 15 in different stios and schools throughout Europe. Specialized in blown glass, he plays with the transparancy and fragility, the magic of the glass. In his work, inspired by personal experiences or by his direct environment, he puts the Human as subje or user into the center oh his concerns.The sculptures, as well as the functional objects, have in common a great touch oh humor.


“Tous ensemble” . “All together” /Glass carafe and drinking glass.

Succesfull his participation at the exhibition of contemporary swiss glass at the gallery Espaces Arts & Objets, where he presented 3 vases of multilayer blown glass in greek antic shapes with contemporary themes.


Mouse Lamp – Blown Glass and Metal – Length: 25 cm

His last studio work “Balloons” [a chandelier of 24 balloons, each 30cm, hight – blow glass, opalin about a meter large] presented at the “Parcours céramique de Carouge” was a huge succès.




Chandelier “Balloons”

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