Henning von Berg – Biography





Henning von Berg’s photographs became known worldwide in just three years. Several unique eye-catching images elevated HvB Photography into a recognizable label with an international reputation.

After 13 years of working as an engineer, in 1997 at age 35, he changed his career and made his former hobby of photography into his new profession. Von Berg quickly gained attention by producing unusual group shoots. In 1999, he organized the world’s first and only ever male nude photo shoot in a parliament building: six men stripped in Germany’s historical Reichstag. The fun pics were published all over the globe.

Outdoors sessions with natural sunlight are his specialty. He prefers to work with female/male amateurs; his oldest model is a 108 y/o lady. Henning von Berg is dedicated to character portraits and fine art nudes. His favorite subjects are aristocrats and prostitutes, disabled people and athletes, common folks and celebrities. Coming from a very traditional family background, HvB often intentionally breaks taboos and rules to open new perspectives.

Meanwhile, the self-taught photographer can look back on more then four hundred publications on four continents. After exhibitions in galleries and museums, his works are also sold at fine art photography auctions. Henning von Berg has been asked to be a judge for several photography competitions.

The Tom Of Finland Foundation has invited him to be a co-curator for a museum exhibition. In 2006 he was approached to join the team as a “Foundation Liaison” for Germany/Europe.
In the same year, Studio Publications appointed von Berg as “Benelux Correspondent” for the two high-profile photo magazines ‘[Not Only] BLACK+WHITE’ (female/male nudes) and ‘[Not Only] BLUE’ (male nudes).
HvB is dividing his time between Berlin, Amsterdam and Los Angeles. His artistic motto is: “Provocative photos for people who understand the fine difference between sexuality and sensuality!”

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