Dancing in Shanghai, 1926 – Photo of the day

Published by Kathy Hackett on November 5, 2011 in Photo of the day.

Powerhouse Museum – Sydney

    Dancing in Shanghai, 1926

    This photograph from an unknown studio shows Florence, ‘Bobby’ Broadhurst and an unidentified dance partner in Shanghai in 1926. The photograph was probably used to promote The Broadhurst Academy.

    The Broadhurst Academy Incorporated School of the Arts, a finishing school created to attract clients from the wealthy British and American expatriate communities, was the first business venture attempted by the adventurous young Australian, Florence Broadhurst. The Academy offered classes in a range of disciplines including dancing, elocution, deportment and short-story writing.

    Florence Broadhurst’s time in Shanghai was brief, a little over twelve months, but she made her mark, endeavouring to have her academy publicised whenever possible. Today, Broadhurst is best-remembered for her striking wallpaper designs. Some of these designs, along with other photographs from the album that includes this image, can be viewed in the Powerhouse Museum online collection database. Another photograph of Florence dancing has been published previously on Photo of the Day.

Post by Kathy Hackett, Photo Librarian
Photographer unknown.
No known copyright restrictions.

    © Copyright Powerhouse Museum


Stampfli & Turci – Art Dealers

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