Extremes Brasilian Photography 1840/2011 – Center of Fine Arts, Brussels

Palais des Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles

Brasilian Photography 1840/2011
06.10.2011 > 15.01.2012

The “Extremes” exhibition presents two poles of the history of photography in Brazil. The first section, curated by Pedro Vasquez, contains daguerreotypes, ferrotypes, and ambrotypes, old technology from before the introduction of the negative, illustrating the first hundred years of that rich history. The contrasting second section looks at the photography of recent decades, in which a whole range of modern techniques have been used to create exuberant images. Images of a vast land, from the Amazon forest and the desolate hinterland: a photography of abundance and poverty, ugliness and beauty, ecstasy and delicacy, contrasts both historical and contemporary – a photography of extremes. The contemporary section is curated by Guy Veloso and Rosely Nakagawa.

Walter Firmo

© Walter Firmo, Untitled, Caravelas-Bahia (Brazil), 1970

André Cypriano

Favela da Rocinha – membros da ONG SURFAVELA, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
© André Cypriano

Walter Firmo

© Walter Firmo

Curators : Pedro Afonso Vasquez, Guy Veloso, Rosely Nakagawa, Frank Van Haecke

Courtesy Palais des Beaux-Arts
Images © All rights reserved


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