Storm clouds – Photo of the day

Published by Geoff Barker on June 26, 2011 in Photo of the day.

Powerhouse Museum – Sydney

    Storm clouds from Sydney Observatory No. 124

By the end of the nineteenth century the Sydney Observatory had embarked on several major photographic projects including observations of the Transit of Venus in 1874 and a project to photo all the stars in the southern section of the heavens started in 1891.

This second project was part of a global enterprise and required the appointment of a specialist photographer, James Short. Sometime in 1891 the Government Astronomer H. C. Russell and Short began a number of less complicated experiments such as taking detailed photographs of the moon and meteorological events which occurred in Sydney.

This photograph, number 124, was taken three minutes after photograph number 122 (see 95/239/18). It is one of a series taken on 9 July, 1895 which showed roll cloud as it approached the observatory over a 20 minute period. These all documented the rapidly changing storm clouds as they approached the observatory at approximately one mile every two minutes. The thunder and hailstorm fell on the observatory at 3.21 pm.

Powerhouse Museum, 95/239/7
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