Ian Talbot: Retrospective – Grass :: The Natural Order

Chapter 41 of the ongoing series Ian Talbot : Retrospective by British fine art photographer Ian Talbot.

Grass :: The Natural Order

© Ian Talbot

“I think nearly every artist continually wants to reach the edge of nothingness – the point where you can’t go any further.” Harry Callahan

The image in today’s post was certainly not shot with the above quite in mind, not in any way to “illustrate” the notion. Nevertheless it is true enough, I think, that it approaches being something of a truism. Add to this that Callahan was a photographer that I have always admired for his quiet, understated style and I must confess that his work very much sprang to mind after I had made this particular image. Of course, his is not the only example of an artist striving to reach a sort of visual nirvana. A point where one can truly say “the rest is silence…”.

Equally it is a point one almost hopes that one can never reach. After all, if ever attained, that’s more or less it; there’s literally nowhere to go after that. This, of course, IS the point… the journey is all and the destination, of necessity, undefined. Maybe even undefinable…

Even without the title I think this piece is just this side of recognisable as an image of grass (or at least something very like). A mere extra twitch of the focus ring would have doubtless been enough to take it beyond the edge of recognition but to be honest I could see no gain in doing so. Or perhaps my courage just failed me…

    Ian Talbot

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