Ian Talbot: Retrospective – Measure For Measure :: Kitchen Mania

Chapter 31 of the ongoing series Ian Talbot : Retrospective by British fine art photographer Ian Talbot.

Measure For Measure :: Kitchen Mania

© Ian Talbot

Vladimir: We could start all over again perhaps.
Estragon: That should be easy.
Vladimir: It’s the start that’s difficult.
Estragon: You can start from anything.
Vladimir: Yes, but you have to decide.
Estragon: True.

Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Godot

The image here is an outtake from my “Kitchen Mania” series. As an image I quite like it. It has a simplicity and certain compositional elegance that is important to me in the images I make.

It was, in fact, the first image I made of the objects in my kitchen that I encountered everyday but up until then had largely passed unnoticed and visually unloved. The series itself rather moved off in a different direction but, as I said, this one was its precursor. The reason it is an “outtake” is purely because, in the end, I decided it didn’t exactly sit well with the rest of the series as it eventually developed.

Beyond that I have nothing more to say about it…

    Ian Talbot

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