Ian Talbot: Retrospective – The Fool (Coxcomb) :: Kitchen Mania

Chapter XIV of the ongoing series Ian Talbot : Retrospective by British fine art photographer Ian Talbot.

The Fool (Coxcomb) :: Kitchen Mania

© Ian Talbot


c.1400, “comb or crest of a cock,” from possessive of cock + comb. Meaning “cap worn by a professional fool” is from 1560s; hence “conceited fool” (1560s), a sense passing into the derivative coxcomb.


1562, from Greek metonymia, lit. “a change of name,” from meta- “change” (see meta-) + onyma, dial. of onoma “name” (see name). Figure in which the name of one thing is used in place of another that is suggested by or associated with it (e.g. “coxcomb” for “fool”).

    This image was the first one I made for the “Kitchen Mania” series and indeed sparked the idea for it. There isn’t much to say about it really beyond the definitions above which, I trust, succinctly document the thought processes that led to the associations that formed in my mind.

    Ian Talbot

    Text & image © Ian Talbot

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