Ian Talbot: Retrospective – Two Can : Kitchen Mania

Chapter VII of the ongoing series Ian Talbot : Retrospective by British fine art photographer Ian Talbot.

Two Can : Kitchen Mania

© Ian Talbot

“I put all the things I like into my pictures. The things – so much the worse for them; they just have to put up with it.” Picasso

    As I put it in the introduction to my “Kitchen Mania” series “… I present to you the cast of characters in my kitchen fantasies”. I’m not sure when I first started to see figures etc. in the various implements in my kitchen but I knew that once I had recognised this tendency I would have to do something to exorcise these troubling apparitions. This series is the result…

    This particular image here was something of a no brainer, the image just leapt out. I have no excuse for the rather inane and puerile title other than that I have an inexplicable liking for such puns. Still, the image was a winner in one of ArtSlant’s Monthly Juried Showcases. To this day I rather wonder why…

    Ian Talbot

    Text & image © Ian Talbot

  • You can see the complete set at Ian Talbot’s website : Kitchen Mania

Next week
Skin 02 :Figuring Jasper


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