Ian Talbot: Retrospective – Photogenic Drawing : The Natural Order

Chapter III of the ongoing series Ian Talbot : Retrospective by British fine art photographer Ian Talbot.

Photogenic Drawing : The Natural Order

© Ian Talbot

“The most transitory of things, a shadow, the proverbial emblem of all that is fleeting and momentary, may be fettered by our ‘natural magic’, and may be fixed forever in the position which it seemed only destined for a single instant to occupy.” W.H.Fox Talbot

    In her book, “On Photography”, Susan Sontag observed that photography was essentially aggressive citing terms like “shoot”, “take” and “capture” to describe what one does in the “act of photography”. I have never liked any of these terms and generally avoid them. I don’t “take” anything. I make images. This is one I made earlier.

    This is not a record of what I “saw”. There is no information in the image. It’s not even, strictly speaking, what I saw through the lens although the “look” of the image had already been previsualised. In that respect you could say I saw it in my mind. As all photographs must be, it is obviously an image of something but precisely of what I couldn’t say. As I had only viewed the subject through a long lens I couldn’t be exactly sure of what even immediately after I had made the exposure and put the camera down.

    But please don’t call it an “abstract”…

    There are no abstracts in photography, only alternative views.

    Ian Talbot

    Text & image © Ian Talbot

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