Son of Heaven – Exhibition at the Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels

Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels

Son of Heaven
10.10.2009 > 24.01.2010

According to Chinese mythology, Pangu, the master of the universe, separated the sky and the earth. Between the two came the Son of Heaven, a sovereign whose task it was to maintain the harmony of the universe.

Exhibition Son of Heaven

Kanxi Emperor
©Palace Museum

The exhibition retraces the history of the ritual dialogue with heaven, from the Neolithic (around 3,500 BC) to the last dynasty, the Qing (1644-1912).

The magic rites of the early days became increasingly complex and eventually drew on astronomy, which could provide precise predictions of the signs in the heavens. Bronze sacrificial vessels, a jade shroud, gold and silver work, imperial robes, porcelain, astronomical instruments, and painted scrolls offer us insights into the lives of the emperors. These fascinating works reconnect the dialogue with heaven with life.

This unique exhibition presents 250 works from six Chinese provinces and from the Museum of the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Exhibition Son of Heaven

Official in koutou posture, Terracotta,
Tang Mausoleum of Li Xian Shaanxi Archaeological Institute
© Li Xian Shaanxi Archaeological Institute

Exhibition Son of Heaven

Red Sacrificial Robe Emperor Jiaqing 1796-1820 Jiaqing
© Palace-Museum

Courtesy BOZART
Images © Their respective owners. All rights reserved


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