[BACLate] Event with Marc Yeats at Bridport Art Center

Bridport Art Center

Thursday 1 October 8 – 10pm

Regular informal artists’ networking evenings around the bar, with a late opening of the current exhibition ‘Sound as I See it’ and a special event.

8.45pm: Marc Yeats will presented an illustrated talk about his work, especially the relationship between his art and his music, and will premiere the first hearing of a new 20 minute electroacousmatic composition called ‘Mirage’ in the theatre.

Marc Yeats

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    Marc Yeats: “Sound, as I see it”
    September 12 – October 17

The rich, colourful, intricate nature of Marc Yeats’ paintings show his interest in creating surface rather than a representation of reality.

His art does, however, arrive from an interest in landscape, and his fascination in geological layering and erosion makes sense when one sees how he builds up and then exposes multiple paint layers.

“When beginning a new work, the end result remains a mystery – it is a true journey of discovery.”

Marc Yeats, who is also an internationally acclaimed contemporary classical composer, has also created a new piece of electroacousmatic music ‘Sound Surface No.1’, especially for this exhibition, that reflects the processes and structures of his visual work.

This music will be playing in the gallery each day.

Marc Yeats

Marc Yeats
Movement from
Oil on mounted board
53.94 x 48.43 inches
© Marc Yeats c/o Stampfli & Turci

  • ‘Sound, as I see it’ – Artist statement

I am a painter and composer. These two areas of creative endeavour are closely linked by techniques and constructions developed over many years with compositions often influencing new approaches to painting just as techniques in painting have influenced my musical development. Understanding, strengthening and utilising this self-referential relationship remains a life-long challenge.

Although interested in surfaces represented in sound, colour, form and texture, the work is further influenced by a fascination with layering, geology, erosion, the universal relationships between macro and micro and the concept of the ‘found object’.

In creating work, both aural and visual, through a process of assimilation, Ideas will literally be ‘thrown about’, layered and spontaneously laid down to produce an environment of possibilities – ‘prima materia’ – from which material can be drawn. Once elements within this environment have been ‘found’, they will be worked-up to become the ‘ultima materia’, resulting in the construction of a painting or piece of music.

When commencing a new work, the end result remains a mystery: Identified only when I arrive at that point – it is a true journey of discovery. I believe this approach to creativity ensures spontaneity, movement, energy and a degree of poetry.

My work, both sound based and visual, is primarily inspired by landscape – but this fascination gravitates around representing landscape in terms of molecular and primal energies rather than recreating what is seen.

Marc Yeats

Marc Yeats
Movement towards no.4
Oil on mounted board
36.22 x 48.03 inches
© Marc Yeats c/o Stampfli & Turci

Marc Yeats

Marc Yeats
Movement towards no.1
Oil on mounted board
48.43 x 57.87 inches
© Marc Yeats c/o Stampfli & Turci

Courtesy Stampfli & Turci
Images © Marc Yeats


Stampfli & Turci – Art Dealers

Disclaimer & Copyright


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  1. Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

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