Chris Billington solo exhibition at Spring Gallery in Falmouth, UK

The Spring Gallery – The Poly, Falmouth [UK]

Chris Billington
Cornwall Heritage: Mines & Monuments
August 18th > August 24th

Private View on Tuesday Aug 18th 6pm – 8pm

Chris Billington sits comfortably alongside a long line of artists who have sought to capture the most special quality of the quintessentially Cornish light and atmosphere. With his dazzling colour sense and firm grasp of both form and content, Chris is surely up there with the best of his illustrious predecessors.

Chris Billington


Chris Billington with Geevor 2008/9 Acrylic on canvas 70cm x 75cm
© Chris Billington

Chris Billington about Chris Billington

I came to painting late in life, suddenly, inexplicably and totally out of the blue, I experienced an absolutely overwhelming desire to paint.

Almost completely self taught, and with absolutely no previous knowledge, but as though spirit driven, I am fortunate that my paintings have been very well received, and have sold well from the outset. My work is already in many private collections throughout Cornwall, the UK and internationally, including London, Moscow and New York.

I work in an instinctive way, focussed on a belief in simplicity and colour – aiming for a balance and a sense of pictorial space defined not only by the picture’s composition, but also it’s feeling, it’s sensation, until it arrives at its own spatial equality on the surface of the canvas.

Often with no direct visual reference, and working with an abstract minimalism that I feel usually gets closer to the truth than representational art, I seem to have developed a near spiritual intensity from nowhere and I have a life affirming desire to create and I am totally dedicated to life in the studio where I frequently paint for 50-60 hours a week.

This coming week, from August 18th, I shall be displaying a selection of new work for my first solo exhibition to be held at Falmouth. Entitled “Cornwall Heritage: Mines & Monuments”, it features 18 paintings depicting selected mines and monuments.

Chris Billington

Chris Billington
Wheal Jane, 2009
Acrylic on canvas 145cm x 110cm
© Chris Billington

Chris Billington

Levant, 2009
Acrylic on canvas 75cm x 75cm
© Chris Billington

I have a strong connection with the Tin Mining industry. Not only had I spent many years working at Mount Wellington and Wheal Jane before their closure but also my forefathers had worked in the mines all over Cornwall and since at least the early 1600’s.

The mines and monuments were visited over a period of three months during the autumn of 2008, and painted during the following months, with the exception of Wheal Jane and Mount Wellington, which were painted entirely from memory and imagination. Working from my studio in Falmouth these powerful abstract and semi-abstract paintings are sparked with energy and strong vibrating colours influenced by the unique shapes and imagery of Cornwall, the land I grew up in.

Because of my relationship with tin mining these images are close to my heart. I am delighted to have produced work that brings to mind a vivid impression of my Cornish ancestry.

Images © Chris Billington


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