Danielle Kelly – ” stolen vision ” / Photo of the week

Stolen vision

  • by Danielle Kelly

We are privileged to start our new series “Photo of the week” with New York’s rising star photographer Danielle Kelly.

” stolen vision “

© Danielle Kelly

  • About “stolen vision”

while out with my camera in nyc’s SOHO, i set out to find unusual situations, light, people gesturing, or anything that is contrasty to my eye.

i spotted her from across the street,

i stuck my wide angle right into the angle i wanted. she did not mind.

another photographer shot her after seeing where i was going, hence the ” stolen vision”

that is why when i go out in search of pictures i prefer to go it alone.

    danielle kelly

Danielle Kelly has an ardent passion for following light, contrast and composition. Her eye is uniquely penetrating, ever changing.

Basically a self taught photographer she shoots most everyday,camera in tow at all times.

” NYC and New yorkers are my visual poetry, if you are not there with the camera you miss those special opportunities “

“The majority of my work is shot on the streets of NYC. I love the rawness and, the emotion of NYC. It can be read in the faces I shoot. I carry my camera everyday availing me the opportunity to shoot and excursive my eye.”

read also “British photographer Ian Talbot about Danielle Kelly’s photo “The speaker””

Links about Danielle Kelly

Stampfli & Turci – Art Dealers

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~ by Stampfli & Turci on May 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Danielle Kelly – ” stolen vision ” / Photo of the week”

  1. […] Kelly’s star is rising in the Big Apple as she was honored with the Photo of the Week on Stampfli & Turci Art Dealers’ blog “espaces, arts & objets“. Danielle also got some attention across the pond on Fine Art Photographer Ian […]

  2. I am new to her work, but love the shots Danielle captures. A rich edge, finely honed steps of light and dark, a personal seeing that hold us transfixed as well.

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