Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid in Madrid

Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid

Rencontres internationales
In Madrid, April 16 – 25

Tabacalera – future National Centre for Visual Arts
Reina Sofia National Museum,
CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo,
The Spanish Cinematheque,
Auditorium of the Ministry of Culture

Following on from Paris in November and preceding Berlin in July, the 18th Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, now in its third year in Madrid, will once again create a space for discovery and thought between new cinema and contemporary art at several prestigious locations of Madrid’s art scene.


© Joan Leandre: In the Name of Kernel Series – Lonely record sessions

Singular in Europe due to the triangle formed between three of Europe’s main capitals, the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid offer a rare insight into the numerous existing contemporary audio-visual practices. Cutting-edge cinema and documentaries, video art, multimedia installations, the Rencontres Internationales’ programme is the result of an extensive research process (from around 6500 submissions) inviting certain artists, key figures in the world of cinema and contemporary art.

In the presence of 150 artists and directors from all over the world, this year’s festival offers an unprecedented international programme of 200 works from Spain, France, Germany, and 60 other countries, and brings together internationally-recognised artists and directors alongside young artists and directors presented in Madrid for the first time. Highlights include various film premières (over 30 screenings), an exhibition, and a series of round-table debates.

    Opening Night
  • Tabacalera- future National Centre for Visual Arts the 16th April
  • 19H – Exhibition opening

  • Reina Sofia National Museum the 17th April
  • 19H – Opening screening
    21H – Multimedia concert: Thomas Kőner


    30 screenings, each followed by a discussion session with the artists and film-makers

    • Reina Sofia National Museum 17th to 25th April
    • The Spanish Cinematheque the 19th April and from 21th to 24th April
    • The Auditorium of the Ministry of Culture the 18th and 19th April

      Amongst which:

    • Three carte blanches given to Artavazd Pelechian, Chantal Akerman and Pedro Costa
    • The premières of films by Philippe Grandrieux, Antoni Muntadas, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige as well as Christian Barani, also with the film-makers present

    • Numerous themed screenings, each built around a subject or a cross-disciplinary theme of different genres and different audiovisual practices (documentary approaches, new fiction, video, experimental…)

      The exhibition : « After the end/ Faux raccords
  • Tabacalera from 16th April to 16th May
  • The exhibition ‘After the End / Faux raccords’ brings together 29 international artists and offers a video and multimedia journey, notably including previously unseen works by Tony Cokes [US], Thomas Kőner [DE], Antoni Muntadas [ES], Hans Op De Beeck [BE], Charly Nijensohn [AR],Joan Leandre [ES], Manuel Saiz [ES], Corinna Schnitt [DE], Übermorgen [AT], Lawrence Weiner [US].

      Special weekend at the CA2M: « PUBLIC SPACE »
  • CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo 18th – 19th April
  • During two days, a series of screenings, debates, performances and workshops will take place at the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, a special weekend in the presence of artists and well-known figures from the Spanish and international artistic and cultural scene.

      Round tables : « WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE »
  • Reina Sofia National Museum 17th April
  • CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo 18th April
  • The Rencontres Internationales invites filmmakers, curators, artistic directors and programmers, in the fields of contemporary cinema, video and new media, to debate aesthetic or practical issues associated with different contemporary artistic audiovisual practices.

  • Auditorium of the Ministry of Culture 20th, 21th, 23th and 24th April
  • During 4 days screenings followed by a forum with relevant personalities from the art and culture scene accompanied by a late breakfast.

    For more detailed information:


    Stampfli & Turci – Art Dealers

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