Space-age tower – Photo of the day

Published by Paula Bray on March 19, 2009 in Photo of the day.

Powerhouse Museum – Sydney

    Space-age tower

    Today’s great image is courtesy of one of the members from our Modern Times group on Flickr. The photographer is kindly sharing, on Photo of the Day, details on how he has achieved this shot:

    “This image is comprised of a series of three photo’s taken at three separate exposures, +2, 0 and -2 fstops on my digital camera, the images are then imported into a High Dynamic Range (HDR) program and is then manipulated to give the result as shown in my image of the control tower at Sydney Airport.”

    This amazing space-age shot of the control tower at Sydney airport also belongs to a set titled HDR where you can see other images taken by this photographer using this technique.

    HDR stands for high dynamic range that allows for a large range between dark and light areas in images. A photographer can use a multitude of bracketed exposures and merge them to one image. This effect can work really well in some situations and not in others but is an interesting method to experiment with. You can read more about this method and see lots of images using this technique on the HDR Flickr group.

Photography by Sutto
License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

    © Copyright Powerhouse Museum


Stampfli & Turci – Art Dealers

Disclaimer & Copyright


~ by Stampfli & Turci on March 27, 2009.

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