Monsters Inked – Spectacular exhibition at the Idea Generation Gallery, London

Idea Generation Gallery, London

Monsters Inked
Inside the minds of The Gods of Monsters

Exhibition : 8th April > 4th May 2009

An unveiling of brand new and extraordinary monster illustrations will explore the inner workings of an artist’s psyche as the Idea Generation Gallery strips bare the art of monsters.

Move over Charles Darwin, this exhibition is leading a unique anthropological monster study – one step beyond for evolution.

Rob Steen

Rob Steen
© Rob Steen

The Monsters Inked show will explore the development of monster drawings from the deepest, darkest depths of an artist’s imagination, on to the sketchpad and finishing on the gallery wall – in an incredible exhibition of more than 100 monster images. .

From an astonishing new commission of Pete Fowler’s surreal and psychedelic Monsterism Island to a world-first display of Rob Steen’s visceral Flanimals. The exhibition will take an exclusive and remarkable look at the innerworkings of an artist’s mind, to find out exactly where mind-boggling monster illustrations come from… revealing the story behind how & why they were created. .

    Monsters Inked will include:

  • The world-first exhibition of 20 illustrations by Rob Steen from Ricky Gervais’ much-loved Flanimals book. The show will look at translating illustrations through an artist’s personality, from the draftsman board to the finished page of an international commercial smash-hit success. .

  • A dazzling 800 sq ft vinyl installation of Monsterism Island will prove just how far an artist can take the concept of defining monster art – in this case Pete Fowler, best known for his work for the Super Furry Animals. .

  • Artists including Thunderdog, Mick Brownfield and Ray Smith from the Central Illustration Agency are also showcasing the world’s best illustration and creative talent at Monsters Inked. More than 30 illustrations will be on show from nine different illustrators exploring how monsters can be represented through a wide array of radical artistic styles. .

  • A unique Monsters Den and a thrilling Monster Hunt created by The Monsters Inked Children’s Programme Partner – which will let the imagination of the gallery’s younger visitors run wild.

Rob Steen

Rob Steen
Illustrations © Rob Steen,
Flanimals © Ricky Gervais

  • Flanimals Illustrations Make Their Global Debut
  • Images from the smash-hit Ricky Gervais book Flanimals are being exhibited at the Idea Generation Gallery as part of the upcoming Monsters Inked show – the first time the illustrations have been showcased in a gallery setting.

    The show will explore the development of the images from the draftsman board to the finished page and exclusive prints will be available to buy for the first time. .

    Rob explained: “These illustrations have never been seen in this sort of environment, so this Monsters Inked show was a fantastic opportunity for me. Flanimals has been a huge success for Ricky and myself, and this exhibition should open up the books and these images to a whole new audience and also let fans learn so much more about the creative processes that go in to making Flanimals come alive.” .

    Rob Steen

    Rob Steen
    Illustrations © Rob Steen,
    Flanimals © Ricky Gervais

    More than 20 images from the Flanimals book are being exhibited at the Monsters Inked show. It will show how the gruesome yet strangely loveable creatures made the transition from Ricky Gervais’ and Rob Steen’s vivid imaginations to the finished page of the smash-hit book, completely stripping bare the creative process. .

  • Spectacular Monsterism Island Feature Wall
  • A soaring 800 sq ft high installation of Monsterism Island by cult graphic artist Pete Fowler will be a breathtaking highlight of the Monsters Inked show.

    The wall will be a uniquely created island version of Pete’s cult hit Monsterism Island – and monsters and creatures from the island will be seen escaping all over the unique Idea Generation Gallery space. .

    Pete Fowler is known for his work designing the psychedelic world of Monsterism Island which has spawned toy figures, clothing and all kinds of merchandising. He is also well known for creating art for the Super Furry Animals’ record sleeves. His work has also been featured in trendsetter’s bible Vice magazine and used extensively in commercial advertisements for TV and print. Pete has exhibited artworks from paintings to sculptures around the world and in recent months has been dedicated to working on his Monsterism project, with a CD of original psychedelic recordings from the Monsterism musical explorers to be released in April. .

    Pete Fowler

    Dance’o’Death, Monsterism,
    Pete Fowler
    © Pete Fowler

    Pete explained: “The Monsters Inked show should be the perfect foil for Monsterism Island. To look at how different artists define and interpret the idea of being a ‘monster’ is something that is really fascinating – hopefully this show should make a few more people think about it too.”

  • Leading Illustrators From Around the World Exhibiting
  • Artists from the Central Illustration Agency will be showcasing some of their finest monster work at the Monsters Inked show.

    Artists exhibiting at the show include Andrew Bannecker, Dave Needham, Mick Brownfield, Mick Marston, Martin Haake, Jonas Bergstrand, Ray Smith, Nishant Choksi and Tristan Eaton/Thunderdog Studios.

    As well as showcasing some of their best illustrations, a selection of the artists will be engaging with the local communities by leading drawing, art and creative sessions for youngsters and other community groups.

    Central Illustration Agency

    The CIA was established in 1983 by the artist/illustrator Brian Grimwood.

    The CIA launched, rather spontaneously, with around twenty established artists, resolved in what they were doing and promoting an expressive approach to image making.

    In over 25 years, the CIA has grown into one of the most successful and critically respected agencies in the UK with an ever increasing presence worldwide. Its roots remain embedded in raw creativity and originality of thought and its proud to represent some of the biggest names in the industry as well as a healthy stable of emerging talent from all over the world.

    The agency’s stable includes over 80 fantastic illustrators, and the sheer variety of talents means that iit has a style for any project.

    Using as varied and innovative a platforms as possible with touring exhibitions, on-line advertising, seasonal festivals, printed ephemera such as the CIA Quarterly, plus the recent launch of its online art paraphernalia & print shop keeps the agency up to date in ‘what’s out there’ in terms of creativity.

  • Monsters Inked: Inside the minds of The Gods of Monsters will be exhibited at the Idea Generation Gallery from April 8th to 4th May 2009. Visit for more details.

  • Images © The artists. All rights reserved


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    Disclaimer & Copyright


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