MADRIDFOTO, first international contemporary photography fair in Spain


IFEMA, Madrid,
May 7th – 10th 2009

MADRIDFOTO is a new photography fair showcasing around 40 galleries targeting a new brand of photography collector, bolstered with a programme of fringe events focused specifically on photography and emerging artists.



The opening edition of this new fair is scheduled for May 7th through 10th 2009 at the IFEMA exhibition centre in Madrid. The architect Andrés Jaque has designed the exhibition hall for the fair to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience for visitors, while making sure than the works on view at the stands of the various galleries are seen to their best effect. The stands, aisles, rest areas and cafeteria are all conceived on a human scale to make the most of the visitor’s attention span. MADRIDFOTO will be an enjoyable, manageable opportunity to discover new and no-so-new names in photography and video in which the spotlight is on public involvement.

Following the resounding success of Paris Photo and Miami Photo, MADRIDFOTO is the first international contemporary photography fair in Spain focusing on private, corporate and public collections.

A number of galleries from both in Spain and worldwide have been invited to take part as exhibitors at this opening edition of the fair conceived as a differentiated, individual art event with a personality of its own.

Looking out for the artistic excellence of the event is the MADRIDFOTO advisory committee comprising Rafael Doctor (art critic and founder of MUSAC), Alberto Martín (curator and art critic for Babelia), Lorena Martínez de Corral (freelance curator and director of Expoactual) and Giulietta Speranza (Art Director of MADRIDFOTO).

MADRIDFOTO starts out with the solid backing of several corporations and public institutions. The City Council of Madrid, which is championing the new project, has brought on board such professionals as Sofia Barroso (Arte Express), Carlos Urroz (Urroz Proyectos), Andres Jaque (Architect), Rafael Celda (Celda y Asociados) plus companies and brands lending their support to the new fair (Hermes, Room Mate Hotels, Iberia Cargo, Saab…).

One of MADRIDFOTO’s main assets to attract exhibitors and visitors from outside Spain is the city itself. Madrid has so much to offer art and culturally speaking with a particularly noteworthy spotlight on photography (Matadero Madrid, Sala Conde Duque, Sala Canal Isabel II, Fundación Mapfre, CaixaFòrum, La Casa Encendida, Fundación Canal, PhotoEspaña…) not to mention the sheer breadth of opportunities for entertainment, leisure and culture with lots of exciting new hotels, restaurants, art centres … Madrid has plenty of experience in attracting and hosting art visitors from around the world and MADRIDFOTO wants to extend this welcome specifically to lovers of photography.

MADRIDFOTO was conceived by a group of collectors and entrepreneurs, headed by Enrique de Polanco.



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