Dominique Perrault Architect / Exhibition at the Museo Colecciones ICO, Madrid

Museo Colecciones ICO, Madrid

“Dominique Perrault Architect”
Exhibition : > May 17th

Until May 17th the show “Dominique Perrault Architect”, at the Museo Colecciones ICO (Zorilla 3, Madrid) introduces one of the world’s most active and widely acclaimed architects.

The exhibition is an overview of 25 of his projects (16 of which are in Spain, either finished or underway), explained through maquettes, photos, original plans, videos… and 13 films by the filmmaker Richard Copans, which allow viewers to enter into this architect’s most distinctive buildings.

“Dominique Perrault Architect” – Exhibition at the Museo Colecciones ICO

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The ICO Collections Museum (Museo Colecciones ICO) is to host the exhibition entitled “Dominique Perrault, Architect” from January 29th to May 17th 2009, coinciding with the opening of the Olympic Tennis Centre in Madrid, designed by Perrault.

The exhibition – conceived and put together by Dominique Perrault Architecture and the Pompidou Centre – was presented in Paris from June 10th to September 29th 2008.

    The Exhibition

Co-curated by Frédéric Migayrou and Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost, the exhibition includes 25 projects to be displayed in various formats – models, photographs, original drawings, films by Richard Copans (Films d’Ici), videos… – with the aim of providing a glimpse into the history of past works and those currently in progress.

Curtains made of industrial metal meshes – designed and used for the first time in architecture by Dominique Perrault and which have now become almost his trademark – will be used as a scenic device to animate the space.

Architecture is one of the arts disciplines most highly valued at the Museo Colecciones ICO. So the Museum endeavours to bring it closer to the public by staging exhibitions that showcase the various trends and main players while revealing the immense landscape of this form of art, how vital it is to our surroundings and time context, and the clear synergic interrelations that exist between architecture and other artistic expressions. The exhibition “Dominique Perrault, Architect” is a good example of the above.

Dominique Perrault


Palacio de Congresos y sala de exposiciones de Leon
© Perrault-Projets-ADAGP

    The Architect

Dominique Perrault’s name immediately calls to mind the National Library of France in Paris – a creation that marked a watershed in French architecture and placed him in the top league of world architecture – the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg, the Velodrome and Olympic Swimming Pool in Berlin, the Theatre Mariinsky II in St. Petersburg… and in Spain, the Magic Box (Olympic Tennis Stadium in Madrid) – to be unveiled coinciding with this exhibition – the Hotel ME by Meliá in Barcelona, the Montigalá Sports Complex in Badalona, the Convention Centre and Exhibition Hall in León, amongst others.

Throughout his career he has been involved in roughly two-hundred projects – reviewed or conducted across the world, where he has left his unmistakable mark – with creations that are not merely buildings but an ongoing quest, where each architectural component is assessed, reinvented and enhanced. So for Dominique Perrault walls, for instance, are still walls in terms of their traditional architectural function but why not try to see through them?

Dominique Perrault’s architectural space emerges from the well-calculated arrangement of components, from the search of materials, giving rise to a minimalist view of the emotional power conveyed by the nuances of matter and light.

Dominique Perrault


Fabrica Aplix Le Cellier Francia
© Georges Fessy

Simple shapes and fundamental concepts transform the areas where they are applied, through minimal intervention and no reluctance to use empty spaces to create resonance. Thus, emptiness becomes yet another material in urban design, in architecture. And as a result, architectural objects are merely components that confer density, quality and presence to emptiness.

Perrault wants walls, but walls that do not exclude the interior from the exterior and vice versa; walls that protect but do not separate us, enabling open relations and also intimate ones.

For Perrault, any architectural intervention has an immediate effect on the surroundings. That is why it is necessary to assess the area where it is to occur, considering all its qualities. No places are worse than others; it is simply a question of making the most of its virtues, establishing intertwined relations so that together the various features become something far better than what they were separately.

Quoting from Perrault himself, “we do not create buildings, but rather what I refer to as landscapes. We are beyond the built architectural component. We are in a system of relations. Architecture is no longer rigid, closed; it seeks solidarity, presence, exchange and above all, a certain type of happiness”.

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