Photo of the day – Portrait of woman in Edwardian dress

Published by imageservices on Dezember 12, 2008 in Photo of the day.

Powerhouse Museum – Sydney

Portrait of woman in Edwardian dress

Portrait of woman in Edwardian dress, originally uploaded by Powerhouse Museum Collection.

This image comes from our Phillips photographic collection that we have added to the Commons project this week. The detail from this glass plate negative is amazing. Looking at this on the all sizes page shows the intricate pattern of lace on her shirt, the decorations on her elaborate hat and the bracelet on her left wrist. The fern in the background is blurred due to the longer exposure for the plate.

This collection of glass plate negatives was found in a deal box in a garage. The photographer is not identified but is likely to be Arthur Phillips the father of Raymond Phillips whose estate donated this great collection to the Museum. You can see more of the reproductions from this interesting collection here .

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