Photo of the day – Woolly buttarte (Eucalypt tree)

Published by imageservices on August 22, 2008 in Photo of the day.

Powerhouse Museum – Sydney

This reproduction from a glass plate negative shows the base of a large eucalypt tree, possibly ‘Eucalyptus longifolia’ which is known to grow in New South Wales. On the larger image on the Commons Project on Flickr you can see the axe embedded into the left side of the tree just above the mans head. The caption inscribed on the glass plate negative states that the height of the tree was 230 feet and the circumference 33 feet. Kerry and Co took many images of indigenous trees, such as this one, indicating species and size. If you know the species of this extremely large tree, we’d love to hear about whether you think this is a ‘Eucalyptus longifolia’ or not.

Attributed to Kerry and Co, Sydney, Australia, c. 1884-1917

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Text © Powerhouse Museum


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  1. great photo

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