Contemporary Photography in Latin America – Exhibition Brussels

“Opening Maps”

Contemporary Photography in Latin America


Rue Royale 10, 1000 Bruxelles

Exhibition: 27.06 > 21.09.2008

Tatiana Parcero Portada
Image de campagne de l’exposition
‘Le dessous des cartes’ au Palais des Beaux-Arts

“Opening Maps”
Contemporary Photography in Latin America

At the heart of the Summer of Photography, the Opening Maps (Mapas abiertos) exhibition provides the most complete panorama ever presented of the artists, themes, and trends of contemporary photography in Central and South America and the Caribbean. Overseen by the Spanish curator Alejandro Castellote, this selection of more than 200 photographs results from several years of research and cooperation involving photographers, artists, critics, historians, and people in charge of cultural institutions in the countries of Latin America. Opening Maps has deliberately chosen to leave to one side the usual themes of Latin American art and explore the eclecticism and subjectivity of artists who are sometimes almost unknown. By approaching things from three angles (rituals of identity, scenarios, and alternative histories), however, the exhibition nonetheless succeeds in tracking down the common denominators of a Latin American outlook on the world.

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  • Center for Fine Arts, Bruxelles (homepage)

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