Paul Klee at the Albertina, Vienna

Albertina, Wien

Paul Klee. A Play of Forms
9 May – 10 August 2008

From 9 May to 10 August 2008 the Albertina will present a comprehensive Paul Klee retrospective. The starting point of the exhibition will be Carl Djerassi’s important gift to the Albertina of works by Paul Klee. Additional exhibits from the holdings of the Albertina, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and other international collections and museums will show this important collection in the context of the exceptional creativity of Paul Klee.

Paul Klee
Blue Coat, 1940,7
Oil and pigmented wax on paper
© VBK Wien, 2008
Albertina, Wien – Promised gift of the Carl Djerassi Art Trust II

The play of forms

The German-Swiss painter and graphic artist Paul Klee (1879–1940) was one of the most interesting and idiosyncratic artistic personalities of classical modern art. His fascinating oeuvre – positioned on the interface between representational and abstract art – interweaves aspects of visual reality and surreal-poetic images to form complex pictures, often with enigmatic allegorical allusions. In addition, there are works whose pictorial architecture places elementary forms of geometry and formal compositional considerations in the forefront, without losing sight of the inner poetry of the picture. Paul Klee influenced many artists – including subsequent generations of artists – especially through his teaching activities at the Bauhaus (1921–1931) and his theory of art, which he presented in a number of essays and writings.

Paul Klee
Wood Near G., 1925, 139
Pen and watercolour on paper on cardboard
© VBK Vienna, 2008
Albertina, Vienna – promised gift of the Carl Djerassi Trust II

Paul Klee
Gartenhaus, 1929, 347
Oil on canvas
© VBK Wien, 2008
Albertina, On permanent loan from the Forberg Collection

Paul Klee
The Fairytale of the Two Fish, 1937, 187
Pastel on cotton
© VBK Wien, 2008
Albertina, On permanent loan from the Forberg Collection

The Carl Djerassi Collection

Carl Djerassi, professor of chemistry emeritus and world famous as the father of “the pill”, began compiling his Klee collection more than 30 years ago. Since the 1980s the Carl Djerassi Collection has been housed at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. More than 65 works, an important part of this remarkable collection, have now come to the Albertina – thanks to the generosity of Carl Djerassi. His collection, which focuses on Klee’s graphical works, provides extraordinary insights into the complexity of his oeuvre. The drawings, watercolours, gouaches and graphic prints extend from the early work to the powerful and monumental creations of the artist’s last years.

© Text Courtesy The Albertina, Vienna
Images © VBK Wien, 2008. All rights reserved.


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