Man Ray’s studio “Unconcerned but not indifferent” – Pinacothèque de Paris

Noire et Blanche, 1936 (Photo)
Ink jet print, 24,1 x 29,2 cm
© Man Ray Trust – ADAGP Paris 2008

Courtesy Pinacothèque de Paris

Pinacothèque de Paris

Man Ray’s studio – “Unconcerned but not indifferent”
March 5 – June 1 2008

Starting on March 5th and until June 1st, 2008, the Pinacothèque de Paris will host a show of the most famous American photographer who lived in Paris: Man Ray’s Studio :« Unconcerned but not indifferent ». Like Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray was a genuine pioneer of modern art – in fact it was alongside him that he undertook the Surrealist and Dadaist adventures.

A multi-faceted artist, Man Ray (1890-1976) provided a polymorphous body of work that broached all the visual fields: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, objects, assemblages… he constantly tried to enlarge visual arts? technical possibilities. The exhibition’s subtitle « Unconcerned but not indifferent » originated in Man Ray’s own work, it was also the epitaph chosen by his widow, Juliet, for their joint tombstone in the Montparnasse cemetery.

Self Portrait, 1924 (Photo)
Gelatine silver print, 24,7 x 17,7 cm
© Man Ray Trust – ADAGP Paris 2008

Courtesy Pinacothèque de Paris

The Surrealists, 1930 (Photo)
Gelatine silver print, 10,1 x 13,9 cm
© Man Ray Trust – ADAGP Paris 2008

Courtesy Pinacothèque de Paris

Today the Pinacothèque de Paris is putting on a hitherto unseen retrospective of Man Ray’s works. For the first time, all the facets of the artist’s creations will be displayed. An outstanding selection of nearly 250 works including: drawings, photographs, paintings, sculptures objects and personal images brought directly from the Man Ray Trust (Long Island, NY). Most of these will be shown in public for the very first time. In fact, only a few pieces were occasionally loaned out for large exhibitions, but never in its entirety, such as is presented here. It is the first multi faceted exhibition open to a broad public.

The Trust collection is unique in its diversity and globality as it combines the various periods of Man Ray’s body of work. We will find here some little known early works, documents on his private life, preliminary drawings, documentation on major works as well ass well as many masterpieces. Several of the works in the show are world famous, but some have never been seen since Man Ray’s death.

Yves Montand, 1950
Painted Transparency, 8,89 x 6,35 cm
© Man Ray Trust – ADAGP Paris 2008

Courtesy Pinacothèque de Paris

Permanent Attraction, 1948 (Object)
15,24 x 12,7
© Man Ray Trust – ADAGP Paris 2008

Courtesy Pinacothèque de Paris

Based on this outstanding collection, more than 200 works were chosen by the curators Noriko Fuku and John Jacobs, as well as by the Man Ray Trust. Whether they are well known or unknown images, there are personal objects (his bowler hat, walking stick, various objects taken from the shelves in his Parisian studio in the rue Férou), as well as objects he used in the making of the photograms. Man Ray’s photographic oeuvre, regarded as one of the most innovative in his time, combines the result of surrealist painting techniques with an overweening and crazy imagination. As a true creator, he used every possible means, intermingled and combined paintings, photographs and objects.

Man Ray’s Studio: « Unconcerned but not indifferent » offers a unique opportunity to showcase for the first time the objects that were the wellsprings of his creation as well as the final result he attained.

Courtesy Pinacothèque de Paris
© Pinacothèque de Paris 2003–2008

All works © Man Ray Trust – ADAGP Paris 2008


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