Gabriele Basilico – San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Gabriele Basilico
January 26 to June 15, 2008



Gabriele Basilico, San Francisco, 2007, 2007;
Digital pigment print; 39 3/8 in. x 51 3/16 in. (100 cm x 130 cm);
Collection of the Artist; © Gabriele Basilico

Italian photographer Gabriele Basilico creates beautiful, often haunting portraits of urban environments that favor areas of transition and transformation. His pictures are marked by an eerie stillness — and a notable absence of people — that propels architecture and landscape to the forefront and turns the viewer’s attention to frequently overlooked places. This exhibition presents a series of nearly 50 black-and-white and color photographs taken by Basilico at the invitation of SFMOMA during a monthlong residency in the Bay Area last summer. Chronicling the impact of the technology boom on the region, this exhibition will be the first of an ongoing project focused on Silicon Valley, in which artists will document the area on film. Basilico’s objective style and affinity for observing marginalized urban settings in a classical mode promises a compelling counterpoint to future installments in the project.



Gabriele Basilico, San Jose, 2007, 2007;
Digital pigment print; 39 3/8 in. x 51 3/16 in. (100 cm x 130 cm);
Collection of the Artist; © Gabriele Basilico


Courtesy San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


About Gabriele Basilico (Milan 1944)

Gabriele Basilico is among the best known documentary photographers in Europe, cities and industrial landscapes are his fields of research. Originally an architect, he works as a photographer of architecture for publishing firms, industry, public and private institutions.
In 1984 and 1985 he is commissioned by DATAR (the delegation for planning the country and helping regions) at the government’s request to document the transformation of today’s national landscape. Then he is invited to participate to many similar actions by various European countries the one after the other : Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria.
In 1994, the Gottardo di Lugano Foundation shows an important restropective exhibition of his photographs taken over 15 years (1978-1993) and travelling through main European museums. On this occasion, the book “l’esperienza dei luoghi” is published.
On September 15th 1996 he is awarded the first for photography of contemporary architecture by the international jury of the sixth architecture exhibition of Venice Biennal.
In Spring 2000 Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam showed his works related to his book “Cityscapes”. The same year he was awarded the first prize by I.N.U., National town-planning Institute, for his contribution to giving documents about contemporary cities through photography.




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