Eyes Wide Open – New to the Stedelijk & The Monique Zajfen Collection


Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Eyes Wide Open
New to the Stedelijk & The Monique Zajfen Collection

22.12.07 – 1.06.08


(Detail of triptych:) Martin Kippenberger, Three Houses with Slits (Betty Ford Klinik, Stammheim, Jüdische Grundschule), 1985 © Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Over the last few years, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam has expanded its collection through the acquisition of a number of extremely important works by artists such as Mike Kelley, Neo Rauch, David Goldblatt and Atelier Van Lieshout.

Among the most outstanding is Three Houses with Slits, a masterly monumental triptych by Martin Kippenberger, who died in 1997 – the first painting by this influential artist to be included in any public collection in the Netherlands. It is striking how many of these new acquisitions demonstrate a clear – if sometimes indirect – involvement with political or social issues.

Neo Rauch, Der Vorhang (The Curtain), 2005, oil on canvas, 550 x 213 cm © Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

In Eyes Wide Open the Stedelijk Museum presents a selection of recently acquired paintings, photographs, examples of film and video art, sculptures and graphic works by artists working in the Netherlands or elsewhere. These acquisitions represent the realisation of the museum’s plans to expand the collection, in particular in the field of narrative painting, paintings that reflect on the medium, and contemporary photography and film. In addition, the museum has aimed to strengthen existing powerful clusters by acquiring work by winners of The Vincent Award.


Atelier van Lieshout, Slave University (Female), 2006, mixed technique © Stedelijk Museum


© Stedelijk Museum



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