Karel du Jardin – Rijksmuseum Amsterdam


Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam

Karel du Jardin
14 December 2007 – 18 March 2008



The Rijksmuseum presents a selection of masterpieces by the 17th-century Amsterdam painter Karel du Jardin. The exhibition shows Du Jardin’s mastery of various genres of painting, including refined and tranquil Italianising landscapes, monumental historical paintings and superb portraits of the aristocracy. The Rijksmuseum owns one of the world’s most representative collections of Du Jardin’s paintings. It is the first exhibition ever to be devoted entirely to Du Jardin, brings together over twenty works from museums in the Netherlands and from abroad.


Karel du Jardin
Cattle in a Meadow, with a Shepherd and Shepherdess Milking a Reddish Brown Cow, 1660

Karel du Jardin
Self-Portrait, 1662

Karel du Jardin
Italian landscape with girl milking a goat, 1659 (Detail)

© Rijksmuseum


Unlike the majority of his contemporaries, Karel du Jardin (b. Amsterdam 1626, d. Venice 1678) was a talented painter in not one, but many different genres. He is especially famous for his small-scale landscapes, such as the charming Italian landscape with a woman milking a goa” (1652) from the Rijksmuseum’s collection. Du Jardin depicted both sun-filled Italianate scenes and Dutch farmyards with pigs and sheep. He also painted a range of elegant portraits of aristocrats and merchants. His self-portrait (1662) on copper is one of the most fascinating 17th-century portraits of a Dutch artist.




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