Yoshida Ayomi – “Yedoensis” at the NIU Art Museum


NIU Art Museum (Northern Illinois University Art Museum)

“Yedoensis” – Installation
Rotunda Gallery
January 15 – March 7, 2008


© Copyright 2008 NIU Art Museum


Contemporary Japanese artist Ayomi Yoshida, fourth generation in the Yoshida printmaking dynasty, will be in residency for approximately one month installing a work that will both contrast and augment the Ukiyo-e and Sôsaku Hanga displays in the other galleries. Her large-scale site-specific installations explore the physical aspects of the woodblock printmaking process.

About AyomiYoshida

Ayomi Yoshida (吉田亜世美, born 1958) is the youngest artist in the widely recognized Japanese family of Yoshida artists. She is best known at the present time for her room-sized installations of woodchips that have been created for galleries and museums in Japan and the United States. Prior to this, between 1979 and 1997, woodblock prints were her main medium.

Ayomi is also the third in a succession of three generations of women artists in the family, her grandmother Fujio Yoshida (1887-1987) and her mother Chizuko preceding her. All three in fact lived together for 20 years in Hodaka’s home in a Tokyo suburb. A succession of women artists like this is a rare phenomenon in Japanese art history.




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