Jim McGuire’s Nashville Portraits – Art Museum of Western Virginia


Art Museum of Western Virginia

Nashville Portraits: Photographs by Jim McGuire
January 18, 2008 – March 23, 2008


This exhibition pays homage to Nashville’s country music heritage through 60 black and white photographs of beloved artists such as Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Waylon Jennings, and Bill Monroe. The images were taken by one of the industry’s most celebrated photographers, Jim McGuire, who has helped define the public’s perception of countless artists through his penetrating portraits.

According to McGuire, “Over the past thirty-five years, I have had the good fortune to have met, photographed, and befriended many of my musical heroes. The first musician portraits I shot are in this series. John Hartford, David Bromberg, and Vassar Clements were the first…all shot late one night in 1972 after a gig in New York. The hand painted canvas background I used that night was barely dry and is the same one used in all these portraits, even today. Most of us have a drawer full of snapshots that remind us of the good times. These are some of mine.”

© 2008 Art Museum of Western Virginia





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