Velázquez’s Fables – Museo Nacional del Prado


Museo Nacional del Prado

Velázquez’s Fables.
Mythology and Sacred History in the Golden Age

until February 24, 2008


© 2004-2008 Museo Nacional del Prado


Through the mythological and religious subjects he painted, Velázquez was able to address a broad range of expressive, formal and conceptual problems. This exhibition focuses on this facet of his oeuvre and encourages reflection on its importance. It examines the original manner in which he confronted these themes and the development his art over the course of his career.

The exhibition explores the crucial role that this genre of narrative painting occupied within Velázquez’ output despite representing a numerically smaller group in comparison to his portraits. The accompanying catalogue will in fact be the first publication to offer an in-depth focus on this aspect of Velázquez as a narrative painter, an issue that has not been the subject of separate study until now despite the fact that most of his masterpieces fall within the category of history painting.

© 2004-2008 Museo Nacional del Prado





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