The Splendour of Things – Residenzgalerie Salzburg


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Residenzgalerie Salzburg

The Splendour of Things
Still-life painting from four centuries

until February 3, 2008


Waldmüller Ferdinand Georg
Sammlungen des Fürsten von und zu Liechtenstein, GE 2145

Selected works by leading Dutch masters of still-life painting are presented for visitors to feast their eyes on and to marvel at exquisite fruit, precious glass, shining pewter … . However, the visual joy comes with a moral instruction: Be aware of the transience of life!
And yet: In a country that was the first to use the microscope and the telescope, the deeper meaning lies in the fascinating depiction of the visible world.
While taking in the allegorical dimension one tends to lose sight of the Dutch people’s sense of the picture as a two-dimensional surface, a conception which is matched in 20th-century painting.
Apart from presenting outstanding paintings, the present exhibition also looks into the use of optical devices such as the camera obscura.

  • Artists:

W. v. Aelst, R. Ch. Andersen, J. Beuckelaer, A. v. Beyeren, E. v. d. Broeck, H. Boeckl, P. Claesz, A. Faistauer, E. Fohn, F. A. Harta, W. C. Heda, J. D. d. Heem, Cornelis d. Heem, Jan v. d. Heyden, S. v. Hoogstraten, P.-N. Huillot, V. Kreuzer, C. Lelienbergh, H. Makart, A. Nesselthaler, J. B. Monnoyer, F. X. Petter, F. Schider, S. Stosskopf, H. v. Taussig, J. v. Thielen, F. G. Waldmüller, M. Pfeiffer-Watenphul, J. Weenix d.J.

© Residenzgalerie Salzburg





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