NEW YORK STATES OF MIND – Queens Museum of Art, NY


Queens Museum of Art – New York

December 16, 2007 – March 23, 2008


David Hammons
African-American Flag, 1990
Dyed cotton fabric
Courtesy of Ellipse Foundation – Contemporary Art Collection


The selection of artworks and artists for this exhibition helps to define contemporary culture and the cultural understanding of makers based in New York, of how living in New York impacts on production, especially since the sixties.

The selection purposefully collates a series of works by artists from a diverse set of social, political, ethnic, and intergenerational spaces bound together only by the confined space that is the city of New York. Here, critical interventions by artists upon the communal aspects that New York provides reveal how a metropolitan condition can become a breeding ground for materializing concerns. In gathering these works together, a sense of the interdependence of visual histories is revealed. These palimpsest images hold within themselves a restored sense of freedom by which to analyze the social reality of New York’s citizens.




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~ by Stampfli & Turci on January 12, 2008.

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