Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings by John Baeder


Morris Museum of Art – Augusta, Georgia

Pleasant Journeys and Good Eats along the Way:
A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings by John Baeder
December 8, 2007 – March 9, 2008


John Baeder, Prout’s Diner, 1974. Oil on canvas, 30 x 48 inches. Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia.


This traveling exhibition, organized by the Morris Museum of Art, includes oils and watercolors by John Baeder from the past thirty years, with emphasis on his affectionate documentation of roadside architecture. Baeder’s paintings of diners—a continuing interest throughout his career—have been acclaimed as personal, anecdotal, and passionate. Baeder’s approach to these classically American subjects emphasizes the architectural details, color, and signage that make each diner a unique reflection of the proprietor’s personality.


The exhibition comprises approximately forty paintings selected from public and private collections, including the collection of the artist. An illustrated catalogue, Pleasant Journeys and Good Eats along the Way: The Paintings of John Baeder, accompanies the exhibition.

© 2006. Morris Museum of Art

  • About John Baeder

American artist, John Baeder is one of the best known of the Photorealists.
His most characteristic paintings and prints depict roadside diners that seem to capture the spirit of America.
This popular artist was born in South Bend, Indiana, in 1938, and studied at Auburn University in Alabama.

  • Exhibition on tour

After its premier at the Morris Museum, the exhibition travels to the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, South Carolina, where it will be on view in March and April, 2008, the Asheville Art Museum in Asheville, North Carolina, July–October, 2008, and the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville, Tennessee, December 2008–January 2009. (The Nashville showing will coincide with the artist’s seventieth birthday.)




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