Igor Ustinov – beetween soul and thought – short video


Gallery “Espaces Arts & Objets” proudly presents


Igor Ustinov – Sculptor



  • Between soul and thought

Sculpture, its a great coincidence between soul and thought, matter and reality, it’s a repeated discovery of the incredible connivance between shape and truth, between emotion and subjectivity.

  • About Igor Ustinov

Igor Ustinov is the son of Sir Peter Ustinov (Academy Award-winning British actor) and his second wife Suzanne, born Cloutier. He studied art to the École national Supérieure of the Beaux Arts in Paris, studied biology 1979 with that M. P. O at the Université Paris and studied singing at the Conservatoire de chant in Paris. The emphasis of its work lies in the range of the sculpture.

Sculpture is his real vocation for now more than twenty years. About ten monuments, exhibitions in many countries, and his work is part of the greatest collections.
To create a total art form! In harmony with his time, that s his ambition.In our world where communications organise the social human being with his relation with technology, the art of Igor Ustinov is the result of all these contemporary tensions.



Espaces Arts & Objets Swiss Artwork Gallery

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