Pieterjan Ginckels Exhibition – NAK, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein


NAK – Neuer Aachener Kunstverein

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Pieterjan Ginckels
13 January – 2 March

Pieterjan Ginckels (* 1982 in Tienen, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels. The NAK invited him to his first large solo exhibition, in order to present his artistic work to a larger public.

Press Preview (excerpt)

Pieterjan Ginckels, who is active also under the alias nononoise as an experimental DJ and music producer, works in very different media, with design, sculpture, video, performance and music. The daily life of a modern, technology affine generation which is shaped by popular culture is the starting point of his work. Within this range Pieterjan Ginckels is particularly interested in two aspects: On the one hand in the structures and function modes which define the cultural exchange in popular subcultures and which Ginckels regards as a consistent refusal of commercial usefulness and on the other hand in the nostalgically motivated observation of technical media, whose radical scientific-functional logic provokes Ginckels to intervene within the possibilities of art and to set these in a new relation to the human being.

Particularly for the exhibition at NAK Pieterjan Ginckels conceived two space-filling installations, which show different facets of his multiform work. In the lower showroom the work “Powerstation” will be presented. “Powerstation” is a room-in-room construction which is designed from simple wood slats and cardboard box and which supplies the showroom of the NAK in a not comprehensible way with electricity. Inside hollow, the installation raises questions about the origin of the immaterial energy flows, which are never visible, but from undeniable influence on our life.




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