Egypt’s Plans To ‘Copyright’ The Pyramids


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We’ve had plenty of posts discussing the ridiculousness of copyright extension, especially when it applies to works retroactively. However, we’re usually talking about content created in the last century. Not any more. It seems that this era’s obsessions with misunderstanding the purpose of copyright is about to taken to a new level of absurdity. Chris was among many of you who took time out of your holiday feasts to alert us to the fact that Egypt is preparing to “copyright” the pyramids, the sphinx and other Egyptian antiquities. Of course “copyright” is being used loosely here. Realistically, it sounds like some Egyptian politicians need to come up with a plan to raise more tax revenue for the government, and so they came up with this bizarre plan to pretend that they can tax anyone who creates a likeness of famous Egyptian monuments. Apparently this decision came just days after a newspaper editorial suggested that the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas owes the Egyptian gov’t a share of its profits. Realistically, this has nothing to do with copyright at all, but is simply just an excuse to try to try to bring in additional tax revenue by misappropriating the concept of copyright as a weak rationale for the tax. However, in an age where copyright supporters want people to think that copyright is the same thing as real property, it’s much easier to get people to believe this is a reasonable proposal. Of course, given that the real purpose of copyright is supposed to be about creating incentives for the creation of new content, does this mean we’re going to start seeing new pyramids start springing up in Egypt anytime soon?



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3 Responses to “Egypt’s Plans To ‘Copyright’ The Pyramids”

  1. I’m an Egyptian living in Cairo, Egypt. This post sounds interesting and made me laugh. Copyright is something Egyptians don’t take seriously anyway, not int he Western sense of the word at least. It’s funny now to hear that the Egyptian government is trying to copyright the pyramids. No one knows till now for sure how the pyramids had been built, which is part of their great mystery. No one, yet, knows how to build ones like them, in terms of longevity. So talking about copyrighting them is kind of inappropriate. Plus who owns the copyright? I don’t think it’s the country.

    By the way, the Egyptian taxes are way lower than those in the US. The Egyptian government has even brought taxes even lower around two years ago. Now businesses pay a max of 20% for taxes (after deductions) and can pay less depending on their profits (not to mention tax exemptions). I never realized how a tax heaven Egypt is until I knew how much taxes US citizens pay.

  2. […] is ready to share his discovery with us. To take us to the very heart of the mystery, deep inside the Great Pyramid, where few have ever […]

  3. Hahaha this is one of the most ridiculous or rather hilarious thing ive heard in a real long time. I guess 50 more years, over sized population, decreasing resources, governments failing to raise enough money so they will prevent people from even using names of the Wonders or Monuments. Those who have already used them will be fined, sued or asked to share profits. Imagine the entire world has been using names of monuments for their hotels, restaurants etc. The whole world will be demanding profits shares from each others businesses. I guess banking sector will flourish!!!Sounds interesting!!! hahaha…

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