One enchanted Night of Music & Fashion hosted by Roubi L’Roubi

London Highlight 2007

Magic – this evocative word was the motto of an enchanting evening event hosted by Britain’s fabulous Fashion Designer Roubi L’Roubi on 13th December 2007 in London’s Church of St Ethelburga’s.

Photographs of the evening by photographer Paul Morgan

Well-dressed ladies – and gentlemen too – came to attend the concert featuring soprano Anna-Maria Rincon, Laurence Cummings (violin) and Adrian Butterfield (harpsichord) of the London Handel Orchestra and Rachel Brown (flute). Also on the programme were flautist Jane Gilbert and poet Deanna Moss.

The performers are all prodigies in their own right; the evening gowns created by Roubi L’Roubi and wore by the performers absolutely beautiful. The audience was left in pure delight.
This evening was a testimony of the mutual chemistry between Music & Fashion. And we were very happy to flew in especially from Switzerland to attend this highlight in this Christmas Season.

Article by Stampfli & Turci / Espaces Arts & Objets

Stampfli & Turci – Art Dealers

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