Francis Alÿs – Politics of Rehearsel at Hammer Museum


Hammer Museum – Los Angeles

Francis Alÿs – Politics of Rehearsel
On display until February 10, 2008

Above: Francis Alÿs. When Faith Moves Mountains, 2002 (detail). 16mm film transferred to DVD. Inset: Francis Alÿs. Rehearsal 1, 1999-2000 (detail). Projected video, audio system.

Francis Alÿs: Politics of Rehearsal is the first large-scale museum exhibition in the United States devoted to the career of Belgian-born, Mexico City–based artist Francis Alÿs, widely considered to be among the most impor¬tant artists working today. The exhibition will include works in a wide range of mediums, including painting, drawing, film, video, and photography, each telling visual stories, potent myths that can be told and re-told. From the beginning of his career as an artist, Alÿs has adopted a way of working that tends to reject conclusions in favor of repetition and recalibration. He has, that is, put the idea of rehearsal at the heart of his practice. All of the work in the exhibition will be accompanied by the beautiful and fragile preparatory drawings for which Alÿs is renowned, as well as by paintings, documents, and further video work.




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