City Paradise by Gaelle Denis – Astonishing Video Tale



A young Japanese girl newly arrived in London overcomes her fear and alienation when she discovers a secret underground city in French director Gaëlle Denis’ mysterious film.

City Paradise (2004)


Gaëlle Denis was born in 1977 in France where she studied until 2000. She then moved to London to follow a MA in animation direction at the Royal College of Art. Part of the course involved a 4 month period at the Kyoto University of Arts in Japan. “Fish Never Sleep” won the award for Best European Animation at the Cinanima Espinho in November 2002 and a BAFTA for Best Short Animation Film in 2003 as well as the Special Jury Prize at the Hiroshima Animation Festival. In 2004, she joined Passion Pictures and produced « City Paradise » in conjunction with the AIR (Artist In Residence) Scheme. Her short film won several prizes including the Jury Award in Annecy and the Innovation Prize in Aspen. She is currently working on various commercials at Passion Pictures and has just finished her first live action short film, « After the Rain ».

The music is by Jocelyn Mienniel, while the cling theme is Peach, Plum, Pear by Joanna Newsom.


More videos by Gaëlle Denis


Our opinion

It is the poetic expression which Gaëlle Denis has chosen to develop this small fable of the exile, full with imagination and originality. Imaginary is the best “Sesame” to open the paradise, as much urban it might be.

City Paradise plays clearly with its assumed dimension of modern fairy tale and multiplies the symbols and childish connotations: the magic wand, country of the wonders, a confusion maintained between imaginary world and real existence.

We simply love it. What about you ?


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