Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna – Exhibition

20 Decemeber 2007 – 20 February 2008 – Mikhailovsky Palace

The exhibition timed to the bicentenary of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna (1806 – 1873), wife of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, younger son of Paul I, proprietress of the Mikhailovsky Palace, joins in the memorial space of the palace rooms documents and artworks, connected with this remarkable woman. Elena Pavlovna was the contemporary of the prominent men of letters, artists, musicians, academic politicians, which portraits are introduced at the exhibition.


K. Brullov. Portrait of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna with daughter Maria. 1830. Canvas, oil. 265 х 180. Russian Museum.

The exhibition presents the artworks from the Collection of the Russian Museum: views of the Mikhailovsky Palace, depictions of the members of the family of Elena Pavlovna, portraits of the historical figures from the nearest midst of the Grand Duchess. In the context of her biography they became not only the artworks, but also the historical documents.

A. Gral. Portrait of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna. About 1830s. Ivory, watercolour, gouache. 23.1 х 16.7. Russian Museum.

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The Russian Museum – Homepage



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