Meet Salavador Dalì – Interview 1971


Denise Glaser received Salvador Dali in the television broadcast “Discorama”, to speak about the disc he had released.


Interview in three acts: see description below


ORTF – 14/02/1971 – 00h10m39s / Interview in French


First act: Denise Glaser receives Salvador Dali, who has just released a disc: But he won’t talk about it because he has as a principle of not answering questions.

Instead he talks about Cézanne calling him the most awkward, catastrophic painter, who plunged modern art modern in the sublime shit which is absorbing us.

He also reveals the conclusions of a psychiatrist, who after eight years of studies says that Dalì has the best organized brain he ever met.

2nd act: Dali, who wears now a fur coat, talks again about Cézanne. He would like to show Cézanne’s paintings on television so that the viewers see at which point they’re bad. He compares himself to a nurse who feeds the entire epoch, which nourish itself with Dali’s ideas.

He is very enthusiastic about Rabelais and starts to hold a speech in an imagined language. He leaves then the studio after having kissed Denise Glaser’s hand.

3rd act: He returns and asks Denise Glaser “Would you grab my c…” and calls her a vampire. However, he doesn’t agree with her describing him as a formidable contestor. He describes himself as an “apostolic monarchical roman Catholic “.



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