Paul Thek in the Context of Today’s Contemporary Art



ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art

Paul Thek in the Context of Today’s Contemporary Art – Karlsruhe (Germany)
Dec 15th 2007-March 30th 2008


THEK_Uncle Tom_x.jpg
Paul Thek, »Uncle Tom’s Cabin with Tower of Babel«, 1976
Collection Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst Zürich
© The Estate of George Paul Thek, Foto: FBM Studio, Zürich.

Paul Thek (1933–1988) is considered an artist with cult status. The hitherto most comprehensive retrospective of his oeuvre focused on the phenomenal effect of his work on contemporary art and established Thek’s historical significance, from legendary outsider to the founder and center of an art movement. It has been possible to bring together more than 300 of Thek’s works, which are largely in private ownership and therefore only seldom publicly shown.

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