NICK WAPLINGTON at Whitechapel


Whitechapel Laboratory

Nick Waplington
12 Dec 07 – 20 Jan 08


Nick Waplington, Dropping Like Flies, 2005, courtesy the artist and Museum 52


One of Britain’s leading contemporary photographers, Nick Waplington is well known for photographs of his family and friends, of places and events that he has witnessed first hand. Taken as a whole these suggest an intimate diary but also provide a picture of our times, chronicling life on the streets of East London – where the artist lives and works – or at festivals, street parties and demonstrations. Most recently, he has been exploring photography through constructed and manipulated images, as well as those found in internet photo-sharing sites. For the Whitechapel, he has created an installation at the Gallery and artworks on display in local bars, cafes, shops and businesses.

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~ by Stampfli & Turci on December 19, 2007.

One Response to “NICK WAPLINGTON at Whitechapel”

  1. Im Maggie from Argentina. Im an old “friend” from Nick, I hope he still remembers me. Some years ago he stayed at home taking pictures from Buenos Aires and also he travelled to the Patagonia (south of our country) to make a project for the BBC. I would love to be in touch with him again. If you could please, if its possible, give him email or tell me if he stills live in Whitechapel because I have those phone numbers from him. I would appreciate your help,
    MAGGIE (first Nicks fan!)

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