Baroque Woodcuts on View at the National Gallery of Art – Washington D.C.


National Gallery of Art – Washington D.C

through March 30, 2008


Sir Peter Paul Rubens and Christoffel Jegher (1577 – 1640)
Hercules Triumphant over Discord , woodcut
National Gallery of Art, Washington -Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund


The last flowering of the woodcut in its classic form will be revealed in The Baroque Woodcut, an exhibition of approximately 80 prints and illustrated books on view at the National Gallery of Art, October 28, 2007, through March 30, 2008, in the West Building prints and drawings galleries. Woodcuts achieved a final triumph in the baroque era when painters of outstanding caliber, such as Peter Paul Rubens and Guido Reni, chose it as a dramatic means for expressing the energy and refinement of their draftsmanship.

“This remarkable and intensely creative period contributed a magnificent and innovative chapter to the history of European printmaking,” said Earl A. Powell, director, National Gallery of Art. “The exhibition presents some of the most breathtaking examples of woodcut from this era.”

Copyright © 2007 National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC



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