Jorge Pardo – Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami


MOCA – Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami

Jorge Pardo
December 4, 2007 – March 2, 2008



Since the late 1980s, Los Angeles-based artist Jorge Pardo has been creating extraordinary works that cross the boundaries of art, design, and architecture, often defying genre and definition. Although he has created large-scale projects for museums throughout the world, this is his first comprehensive U.S. museum exhibition. Over 60 key works, including sculpture, installations and paintings from the beginning of his career to the present will be presented according to their utilitarian typology in vignettes representing various rooms and areas in a house – kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, garden etc. Although the works incorporate elements of minimal and Modern art, the disparity between their function and form contradicts the rules of modernism and reveals Pardo’s personal and autobiographical response to everyday objects and his environment. In keeping with the genre-crossing characteristics of Pardo’s work, the exhibition will extend beyond the museum itself to encompass site-specific projects around the world, including Pardo’s own house in Los Angeles. These projects will be presented as photo-murals at MOCA and viewers will be encouraged to visit the sites themselves.


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2 Responses to “Jorge Pardo – Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami”

  1. Thanx for links to Pardo designer

  2. Im not that familiar with Pardo’s works but from what I’ve seen on this site I like them.

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