Mark Rothko exhibition ends its run at January 6, 2008


This Mark Rothko retrospective at the Pallazzo delle Espositione will end at January 6, 2008. The exhibition curated by Oliver Wick and produced by the Azienda Speciale Palaexpo and Arthemisia, gives visitors a unique opportunity to see a vast selection of works by one of the greatest artists of the last century.


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3 Responses to “Mark Rothko exhibition ends its run at January 6, 2008”

  1. Is this exhibition going some where else, in europe? It would be wonderful if it was showing some where else as well.

    Best regards Roos Eelman

  2. The Mark Rothko Retrospective will be on display in a smaller version at the Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung in Munich (Germany) from 8 February to 27 April 2008, and at the Kunsthalle Hamburg (Germany) from 16 May – 3 August 2008 for the big edition with 110 works including more than 60 oil paintings on canvas and more than 40 large-scale works on paper.
    An appropriate post will be published on time.

    Tate modern will present an exploration of Mark Rothko’s late series of work from 6 September 2008 – 1 February 2009. At the centre of the exhibition will be a group of 15 Seagram murals uniting for the first time Tate’s group of nine murals – known as the Rothko room – with a selection of murals from the collections of Kawamura Memorial Art Museum, Japan and the National Gallery, Washington.

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