THE BLUES – The Textile Museum of Canada


The Textile Museum of Canada – Toronto


through march 2, 2008

Reflecting on the symbolism of colour, the globalizing effects of denim and the haunting sounds of blues music, The Blues tells both the ancient and contemporary story of blue.



In The Blues, 36 textiles in our permanent collection from West Africa, East Asia and Canada, along with Canadian denim jeans and Japanese pieces lent from private collections, join works by six contemporary artists: Mary Lee Bendolph (Gee’s Bend), Dorothy Caldwell, Judith Fielder, Léola Le Blanc, Chunghie Lee and Anna Torma, whose working methodologies are embedded in concepts of blue.

The Blues examines the powerful symbolism of a colour and a dye that has been viewed with suspicion and called “the devil’s dye”. Yet blue is also considered emblematic of wealth and power, as in West Africa; protective against poisonous insects and snakes, as in Japan; and even effective medicinally, as in many parts of Africa and East Asia. The mystique of the colour blue, beautiful, elusive, reflecting the sky and the sea, pervades human life and cultures around the world. In The Blues, you are invited to sample the many shades and tastes of blue.



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