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Stampfli & Turci

Today’s art is Tomorrow’s Legacy

Recognized art consulting business working with corporate, public and private clients.

Stampfli & Turci offers professional, client-oriented, comprehensive service, including developing art collection goals and selecting, presenting, purchasing, commissioning, documenting, framing and installing artworks and organizing/curating exhibitions

To serve the best interests of our clients, the highest quality art is selected within the client’s budget from the best galleries and many talented, unaffiliated artists regionally as well as nationally and internationally.

Stampfli & Turci represent established artists with international reputations and whose works are represented in major collections and regularly included in exhibitions worldwide.

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H. Stampfli & M. Turci at the International Conference “Communication the museum” Madrid [Museo Thyssen Bornemisza – July 07]

International Artists of Stampfli & Turci

Igor Ustinov – Sculptor


Balwin & Guggisberg – Glass Designer


Zbinden-G Painter


Marc Yeats – Painter/Composer

Rebecca Maeder – Ceramist

Karin Bablok – Ceramist


Roubi L’Roubi – Fashion designer


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